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Wildlife and Jubilee Gardens, Rosie David.   


The Council Office is located on the first floor at 77 High Street, Wivenhoe, CO7 9AB and is open to the public from 9.30am to 12.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Tel: 01206 822864, email: enquiries@wivenhoe.gov.uk

Services provided:

  • Posters - we have 5 poster boards around the Town for Community Events. Posters must be delivered to the Council Offices by the end of the week for display the following Monday. We try our best to advertise your event at least 2 weeks ahead but at busy times such as in the Summer, we may only be able to do so 1 week ahead.
  • If you require the Town Clerk to sign any official documents such as a pension application, there is a donation of £10 required for the Mayors Fund and you will need to book an appointment in advance.
  • bring your voucher from Colchester Borough Council to pick up free clear plastic recycling sacks,white garden sacks, green recycling boxes, food caddy boxes.
  • buy a roll of 26 food caddy liners (1.00 per roll).
  • buy a pack of 50 doggy 'poop' bags (£1.00 per roll).
  • book the William Loveless Hall.  
  •  Rosie David.
  • book the 'Communty' Minibus.

  •   Rosie David.
  • research Cemetery Records.
  • apply for an Allotment
  • book an event on the KGV Playing Field. 
  •  Rosie David.
  • apply for a Dinghy Parking Space
  •  Kaymac, flickr.com
  • Apply for a Canoe/Kayak Rack Space.

  • ChipMason, flickr.com



 Joanne Beighton-Emms, Town Clerk.
 Maurice Howard, Responsible Financial Officer.   

 James Young, Estates Open Spaces Manager.

 Andrew Hearn, Estates Properties Manager.
 Mandy Smart, Reception/AdminSupport.
 Emma Buckley, Rec./Admin./Finance Support.
 Mick Wells, William Loveless Hall Caretaker.
 Lesley Wells, William Loveless Hall Cleaner.
 Sheryl Todd, Weekend Car Park Toilet Key Holder.
 Michael Smither, Litter Picker.