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Wivenhoe Surgery

Wivenhoe Medical Centre has moved to a new location at Phillip Road, Wivenhoe, CO7 9BA. Telephone number remains the same 01206 824447.


 Bus Timetables

Local resident John Foster has assembled a useful timetable of all bus services (from different companies) serving Wivenhoe in 2017. To download a copy click here.

New Visitor's Car Parks
The 2 new car parks at Cooks Shipyard have been in operation for most of the summer and for those of you not aware of them, they are conveniently situated for those wishing to visit lower Wivenhoe or take a nice walk along the Riverside footpath.
Tariffs are very reasonable and are as follows:
Up to 30mins
Up to 1 hour 
Up to 2 hours  
Up to 4 hours
Up to 6 hours 
Over 6 hours 
Overnight (6.00pm - 8.00am)


Small memorial plaques to be positioned on the cemetery chapel wall in remembrance of a loved one are now available  in stainless steel.  Contact Town Council Offices for more information.


For more information about our cemeteries click here

Cemetery Chapel Museum Opening Hours -   May -   September Saturdays and Sundays 2017 from 10.00am - 1.00pm - interesting in becoming a volunteers - then contact 01206 822864 .


Chapel Museum's first group visit - click here

CBC Zone Warden Drop in Sessions
CBC Zone Warden Geoff Howlett will be arranging more drop in sessions shortly, so watch this space.  You can report a problem or ask any questions, Geoff has access to the internet to help you get sorted there and then.

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Valuable Assistance info
The Welfare and Benefits Advice service operated by Age UK Colchester has been able to obtain 1.5 ml pounds of unclaimed benefits for older people in this area during the past 12 months.  If you would like to enquire about your own situation, you can enquire by telephoning 01206 368420 or call in to the Age UK office at 6 George Street, Colchester.

The Wivenhoe Housing Trust administers a 'Relief in Need' fund. 
Any Wivenhoe resident who has a temporary crisis and is seeking assistance can access the fund.  For example awards could be for:

  • helping families by providing replacement work out or damaged household goods;
  • restitution of items lost or damaged;
  • temporary support with financial problems

All requests for help are dealtwith in confidence and are assessed by Trustees.  The Clerk to the Trustees can be contacted by telephoning 01206 765138.  Alternatively via Wivenhoe Town Council on 01206 822864.

Statement on Ferry Hard In case you may have been wondering what is going on at the old Ferry Hard the Town Council has prepared the above statement:

Information for Community Groups
All Community Groups using the services of the Wivenhoe Town Council Notice Boards, please could you ensure that all posters arrive before 4.00pm on a Thursday so that the posters will be ready for display on the Friday.

Wivenhoe's Old Cemetery, a lovely, tranquil corner of WivenhoeTHE WIVENHOE SOCIETY
wivsoc@rocketmail.com or

Captured in the Spring by Cllr. Penny Kraft -  some beautiful sights in Wivenhoe's Old Cemetery, a lovely, tranquil corner of Wivenhoe: