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Recipients of the Mayor's Charity Fund at the Town Meeting on Wednesday 11 May where the Town Mayor, Cllr. Ian Endean distributed the proceeds of his year




And a presentation to Mrs. Christine Pettitt after 11 years on the reception team at Wivenhoe Town Council. 

 Parish Paths Partnership - volunteer needed to stand in as organiser, otherwise the group will be in danger of folding altogether - if interested please submit details to Wivenhoe Town Council or to Wivenhoe Society.

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Cemetery Chapel Museum Opening Hours -   May -   September Saturdays and Sundays 2017 from 10.00am - 1.00pm - interesting in becoming a volunteers - then contact 01206 822864 .


Chapel Museum's first group visit - click here


CBC Zone Warden Drop in Sessions
Come along and meet Geoff Howlett at Wivenhoe Town Council Chambers.  He will attending every month on the following Wednesdays between 10.00am and 12noon.   24 August, 21 September, 19th October, 16th November and 14 December.  You can report a problem or ask any questions, Geoff has access to the internet to help you get sorted there and then.

Helping Hands
Helping Hands are looking for volunteers to help the residents of Wivenhoe with emergency errands and difficult chores.

If you have a couple of spare hours a week and are interested in finding out more information, please email wivhelpinghands@googlemail.com or contact this mobile number 07834 452764

Thank you

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New Visitor's Car Parks
The 2 new car parks at Cooks Shipyard have been in operation for most of the summer and for those of you not aware of them, they are conveniently situated for those wishing to visit lower Wivenhoe or take a nice walk along the Riverside footpath.
Tariffs are very reasonable and are as follows:
Up to 30mins
Up to 1 hour 
Up to 2 hours  
Up to 4 hours
Up to 6 hours 
Over 6 hours 
Overnight (6.00pm - 8.00am)


The Fire Service wishes to engage with communities and visit Parishes.

Their aim is to recruit Parish Safety Agents as volunteers to actively encourage people to have fire alarms fitted into their homes (free service) and advises on general fire safety issues.  The aim is to have 2 Agents in every Parish in the County to serve their immediate community. They will be trained to provide Home Fire Safety Communication as well as equipped to fit Fire Alarms appropriate to resident’s needs. Safety Agents will also receive training from Essex Police that could be shared with other community members. The Fire Brigade train, provide uniforms and pay expenses for the Safety Agents so there is no cost to the local community but they do ask Parishes to identify potential volunteers in their communities, put their names forward and store equipment (fire alarms & screwdrivers) for these Fire Safety Agents. There is obviously a screening process because these Agents will be going into peoples’ homes. The Fire Brigade need the support of Parishes to make the scheme work. There are pilot schemes planned for Tendring & Southend.

If you are interested in the above please contact the Town Council offices .

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Valuable Assistance info
The Welfare and Benefits Advice service operated by Age UK Colchester has been able to obtain 1.5 ml pounds of unclaimed benefits for older people in this area during the past 12 months.  If you would like to enquire about your own situation, you can enquire by telephoning 01206 368420 or call in to the Age UK office at 6 George Street, Colchester.

The Wivenhoe Housing Trust administers a 'Relief in Need' fund. 
Any Wivenhoe resident who has a temporary crisis and is seeking assistance can access the fund.  For example awards could be for:

  • helping families by providing replacement work out or damaged household goods;
  • restitution of items lost or damaged;
  • temporary support with financial problems

All requests for help are dealtwith in confidence and are assessed by Trustees.  The Clerk to the Trustees can be contacted by telephoning 01206 765138.  Alternatively via Wivenhoe Town Council on 01206 822864.

Small memorial plaques to be positioned on the cemetery chapel wall in remembrance of a loved one are now available -  in stainless steel - at a cost of either £30 or £40.  Contact Town Council Offices for more information.

Home to School Transport
Reporting to Wivenhoe Town Council last week, Essex County Councillor Julie Young gave details of a new proposal by Essex County Council to revise their "Home to School" Transport Policy 

Briefly stated:
Under the present system, pupils receive free transport to their catchment school. Under the proposed system, assisted transport will only become available to the nearest school. 

The impact of this decision will largely be felt in Wivenhoe by students who attend The Colne Community School at Brightlingsea. The Colne is approximately 7 miles from Wivenhoe whereas the Sir Charles Lucas Academy is less than 4 miles. Parents in Wivenhoe will now have to choose between paying for school transport to Brightlingsea or accepting the offer of free transport to Greenstead.

Councillor Young has called in the decision for further scrutiny. This means that the policy will be looked at again and an opportunity will be given for further viewpoints to be considered. The examination (meeting) will take place at County Hall, Chelmsford. It will be on 4th February and will start at 2.00pm.

 Residents who wish to put forward their representations are requested to contact Cllr Julie Young mailto:cmcllr.julie.young@essex.gov.uk The meeting at County Hall is also open to the public.

A copy of the consultation paper relating to this decision can be obtained by visiting www.essex.gov.uk/schooltransport and following the links to the home to school transport consultation. The cabinet paper containing all recommendations can be viewed at http://goo.gl/hBOwWD

Statement on Ferry Hard In case you may have been wondering what is going on at the old Ferry Hard the Town Council has prepared the above statement:

Information for Community Groups
All Community Groups using the services of the Wivenhoe Town Council Notice Boards, please could you ensure that all posters arrive before 4.00pm on a Thursday so that the posters will be ready for display on the Friday.

Wivenhoe's Old Cemetery, a lovely, tranquil corner of WivenhoeTHE WIVENHOE SOCIETY
wivsoc@rocketmail.com or

Captured in the Spring by Cllr. Penny Kraft -  some beautiful sights in Wivenhoe's Old Cemetery, a lovely, tranquil corner of Wivenhoe: