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Concert in aid of Town Mayors Fund - 'Den & Dave' at the William Loveless Hall, Saturday 3rd of February 2019 at 3pm. Tickets available from Wivenhoe Town Council. 

December 2018 - Christmas 2018 Events in Wivenhoe 

Late night shopping and Christmas Street Fayre Thursday 6 December at 6pm until 8pm - Wivenhoe Town Mayor, Cllr. Bob Needham will switch on the Town illuminations at 6pm, come visit the shops and stalls in St Mary's Church and Churchyard and meet Father Christmas.

Santa's Sleigh Route - Father Christmas will be in Wivenhoe on Wednesday 5 December between 6pm and 8pm at Heath Road, Broomfield Crescent, Broome Grove, Chaney Road, Spring Lane and Tower Road. On Wednesday 12 December he will be visiting Bowes Road, Claremont Road, Friars Close, Pertwee Close, Castle Wood, Denham Close, The Dale, Valley Road, Bobbits Way and Park Road. On Wednesday 19 December he will return to Wivenhoe at Richard Avenue, Elizabeth Way, Alexandra Drive, Henrietta Close and Mede Way. (D. Scarpenter, Brightlingsea and Wivenhoe Chronicle)


December 2018 - Essex Police Christmas Crime Prevention Tips - to find out more, click here 


November 2018 - Wivenhoe Town Mayor, Cllr Bob Needham enjoyed a recent visit to Wivenhoe Bumps and Babies, to find out more, click here 

November 2018 - Christmas Toy Donation Project in Colchester to find out more click here 

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Statement from Wivenhoe Town Council - Allotments - Annual Rent Increase 2019/2020 

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For many years, Wivenhoe Town Council has provided allotments for rent by local residents. Over a period of several years, allotment rents have either not increased or nominal rent increases have been made. The result is that the income accrued by the Council falls some way short of expenditure incurred.

After reviewing various costs, the Council took a decision in September 2018 to move, over a phased period, towards a position where the income from its allotments covers the expenditure incurred. In the current situation, the Town Council subsidises its allotments and therefore, by definition allotment holders. This means effectively that residents of Wivenhoe who are not allotment holders subsidise allotment holders through their Council Tax. Town Councillors judge this situation as unfair and this is something that Councillors have resolved to address over the next few years on an incremental basis. 

The Council resolved to increase the allotment rents by 25% with effect on 1 October 2019. The Town Council notified allotment holders of this increase in September 2018 providing a full 12 months notice of the increase .

Since the announcement of the October 2019 rent increase Wivenhoe Allotment and Garden Association (WAGA) and a number of allotment holders have challenged the Town Council about the cost of providing the allotments service. In responding, the Council wishes to reassure those with concerns that it wants to be transparent and to clarify the situation. People do not always recognise that in addition to the time and work of the Estates Team, the Council provides significant administrative support and that that comes at a cost.

The Town Council wishes to acknowledge the considerable efforts of WAGA to assist in the overall provision of the allotment service. Without WAGA the Council's costs would be higher still. There is no doubt that both the Council and the allotment holders benefit from the work of WAGA and need it as part of the mix to help provide a quality allotments service.

It is conceded that the letter to allotment holders advising them of the 2019/20 increase did not provide an explanation or the reasoning behind the rent increase. For that Wivenhoe Town Council wishes to apologise. The Council plans now to form a Working Party to conduct a thorough review of its allotment service. This will include a consultation exercise. The Working Party report and any subsequent policy decisions will be shared with allotment holders.

Notwithstanding the proposed rent increase, the Council is fully convinced that the costs of an allotment remains superb value for money and the Town Council is very proud to provide this valuable community amenity. With regard to the rent increase, if any allotment holder is suffering genuine financial hardship, they should contact the Town Clerk.

I hope I have explained the Town Council rationale for the rent increase and clarified the Town Council's position.

Kevin Harkin, Office Manager 

WAGA to promote a vegetable garden share scheme, to find out more click here

WAGA Newsletter - To view the Wivenhoe Allotment and Garden Association latest newsletter, click here . You can also visit their Facebook page

Wivenhoe Wildlife Charter - Councillors agreed in June 2018 a Management Plan for St Mary's Churchyard. Details will be published as and when we determine them, to communicate what we are doing.


Wivenhoe Wildlife Charter and Wild About Wivenhoe Annual Report - Read more about how we are supporting the Wildlife here in Wivenhoe 


Wivenhoe Citizens Advice is in need of volunteers- Please see the attached poster for more information. Volunteer Poster 


Clifton Terrace Drainage Issue- The investigation into the drainage problem at Clifton Terrace continues. The situation has been complicated by the need to engage with a local property owner. The Council is committed to resolving this matter at the earliest opportunity.


Felled tree in WTC car park

Following a recent survey of a tree in the Wivenhoe Town Council car park it was recommended that it be removed because it was diseased and posing a danger.



Town Council Privacy Notice: For details about our Privacy Notice, click here.


 Welcome to our Town Mayor, Cllr. Bob Needham.

Bob was appointed as Wivenhoe Town Mayor at the Annual Town Council Meeting on Monday 21st May, 2018.

Together with the Mayoress, Mrs Audrey Crosby, he says he is pleased to be Mayor of his home town and will relish the opportunity of serving the community. 

He is keen to promote the strengths of Wivenhoe and admires the strong heritage, artistic and community values that exist within the town.

Bob's theme for the year is 'synergy' and realises that folk working together can produce far more in unity than they could ever do as individuals alone.


Colchester Borough Council Have Your Say 

Find out how to have your say at any of the Colchester Borough Council Meetings held at 6pm unless otherwise advertised.