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Information on Wivenhoe Cemetery
Wivenhoe has two cemeteries, named the Old Cemetery and the New Cemetery, both situated along Belle Vue Road.  The Old Cemetery is now closed and is an important green space and area of safe haven for wildlife etc.  Occasionally interments are held there in old family graves.  The Town Council mow it twice a year.  The Town Council's Old Cemetery Management Plan, adopted in 2007, can be seen here


Old Cemetery in Springtime (photos A. Stinson and P.Kraft)

The New Cemetery is now almost full and has only a few spaces left.  15 years ago the Town Council decided to restrict its use to Wivenhoe residents only, and now only residents with an established residency in Wivenhoe (approx 20-30 years) can be buried there.  Pre-purchasing is also no longer possible.

A new section for ashes has been secured alongside one of the paths.  The Town Council has been investigating land for a third cemetery for the past 20 years and the matter is still being looked into.

A small area for stainless steel commemorative plaques has just been created by utilizing one side of the Cemetery Chapel Wall.  They add a nice touch to the Chapel Wall and we have received many compliments on them.  Costs are in the region of £45  per plaque - Contact the Town Council offices for more information and an application form.


For information on grave maintenance click here  

All the burial records dating back to 1855 have now been digitized and the data stored on Town Council's records.   Burial searches can now be carried out in a matter of minutes - please contact the Town Clerk if you wish to have a search carried out, there may be a small charge according to the amount of time the search takes. 

The Cemetery Chapel has recently been refurbished and had its first run as a small volunteer run museum which proved very successful.  It will re-open on weekends from May to September between  10.00am - 1.00pm. 

Wivenhoe Allotments
The allotments are managed by the Wivenhoe Allotments and Gardens Association (WAGA) with whom the Council enjoys close liaison. These days allotments are very popular, not only is there a long waiting list, but for those lucky enough to have one, the enthusiasm amongst the holders never ceases to amaze. The Town Council provides a skip on a regular basis for the allotmenteers and this is much appreciated by them. Along with officers of WAGA, Councillors inspect the allotments twice each year. On a lighter note each September WAGA stages the ‘Wivenhoe Show’ in the William Loveless Hall where fruit and vegetables jostle side by side with cakes, home-made jams and wine and there is also a section for handicrafts. It brings a real taste of country life to Wivenhoe and can be great fun. All residents can enter, even children.  2015 was their 50th Anniversary and a special show was held on 13th September .

The date for the 2017 Show is Saturday 2nd September.


Wivenhoe Playparks

Wivenhoe Town Council manage the play areas on the KGV field and at Mede Way.

The play areas are regularly inspected by the Royal Society for the Preventation of Accidents and reports produced and any recommendations are acted upon. 

KGV Play Area - RoSPA Report June 2017

KGV Skate Park - RoSPA Report June 2017

Mede Way - RoSPA Report June 2017

Our play areas contain items suitable for different age ranges. Please be aware of your child's capabilities when using the play equipment.

KGV Field

If you wish to use the KGV Field for an event please contact the Town Clerk on enquiries@wivenhoe.gov.uk

Details of current field hire rates available here.

Application form for use of KGV Field available here.

Terms and Conditions available here.